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I always enjoy my long walks on the vast farms in California’s central valley.  While Daniel was installing high tech equipment in the fields, I explored the area.  It was very quiet, peaceful and secluded.

Recently I had two very exciting adventures.  One experience was during my walk through a pristine twenty acre almond orchard.  I saw a very large shadow flying above the trees.  I thought it was a hawk.  To my delight it was a beautiful barn owl. He perched above me and we watched each other for about 3 minutes.  Nature is incredible, I was thrilled and amazed by this beautiful creature.

The previous day I was walking at dusk in an area that was surrounded by deserted buildings and sandy flat fields.  To my surprise I heard feral dogs barking.  I turned around and in the distance I could see a pack of wild dogs watching me.  The wind was blowing and through the dusty haze I counted about nine dogs.  I decided it was safer to walk towards Daniel’s car in the field ahead.  I walked briskly away from the pack of dogs towards the car.  I looked back to see if the dogs were following me.  I was relieved to see the dogs were standing in a line studying me.

I was very curious what they would do next, I decided to be safe and stay near the car as I continued to watch the dogs.  It was very interesting to observe the feral dogs from a safe distance.  Soon the sunset, turning the yellow sky to shades of pink and orange.



March Winds Sailing


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After sunset, looking low in the western sky at a triangular formation made up of a thin crescent moon, Venus, and Mars. A hand held photo from our back porch.  Last night at dusk, a spectacular view of my absolutely my favorite moon!



IMG_4767The natural range of Magnolia species is from east and southeast Asia. The Magnolia species are also from North, South and Central America and the West Indies.

The Camellia is a flowering plant in the family Theaceae. They are found in eastern and southern Asia, from the Himalayas east to Japan and Indonesia.

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West Coast Winter



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The Observatory is more than 20 miles from downtown San Jose along Mt. Hamilton Road at an elevation of 4200 feet. An astronomy center on Mount Hamilton featuring powerful telescopes, exhibits and valley views. Lick Observatory features the famous 36 inch Lick Refractor, built during the golden age of refractor telescopes.  One of the largest refractors ever built.


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