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Small modifications to your lifestyle, like tweaking your diet, can help start the process of losing weight and becoming healthier.

It is important to eat small snacks throughout the day, but also to make healthy choices.

Snacks will take the edge off, keep blood sugars stable, and prevent overeating.  Eat a snack high in fiber and include some protein. This will keep you feeling full longer.

These small meals are incredibly low in calories, super easy to make, super filling, and they taste great.  Each snack serving has low calories, low fat, and high in fiber.

Herbs, both fresh and dried, are like magic for low fat cooking.  Dieting is easy when eating yummy foods, and can be done without realizing how low calorie they are.

Using smaller plates really does help provide a guide to the amount of food you should be eating.  Small plates and bowls are helpful tools how to gauge realistic portions.

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