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I am over joyed to have the Pacific Tree Frogs in my garden!  I hear their loud chirp from dust to dawn.  Their lovely serenade brings the garden alive in the evenings.

The cute little Pacific Tree Frog is a common species that are relatively small in size and can have a range of different colors, transcending from light to dark, including many shades of green, brown, gray, black, tan and red. The Tree Frog lives in territories ranging from British Columbia, Canada all the way down in Baja California, Mexico.

Many are found near slow moving creeks and moist habitats, but can also survive in mountainous terrain. These primary nocturnal frogs hide in my garden under leaves, rocks and pieces of wood during the day to stay cool.

They use their loud chirp to call to females during their mating season, which is between November and July. When numerous frogs call together it is called a chorus. On summer evenings it is very common to hear them sing together as I gaze at the stars.