I say to myself…

  • Push yourself to be true…always…everyday…with every decision you make.
  • It is ok the be intimidated.  Keep going, take risks…and continue to explore, the world…your backyard…yourself.
  • Know you will evolve…in so many ways, embrace all of them.
  • Embrace change…for it’s a coming…like it or not…in all sorts of ways.
  • Share…as much of yourself as you can.
  • Say no…when you need to.
  • Don’t make decisions based on flattery.
  • LOVE…and know that it too will come in many forms.
  • BREATHE…sometimes you just have to take a moment and breathe.
  • Know that “failures” are little steps toward your real goals.
  • Find a friend that will be there for YOU.
  • Give yourself credit.  Be proud.
  • Try to relax even if everyone is often looking at everything you do.
  • Take pleasure in the little things.
  • “Firsts” are very special in every way…and they only happen once. Be open to them.
  • Listen, practice listening.
  • Be thoughtful to anyone you meet, no matter what they do or who you think they are.
  • Be gracious, smile.
  • Everyday…eat well, move your body as much as possible, do something with your brain.
  • Know that things don’t always “come to you” just because you want them or are ready for them.
  • Be humble.
  • Find ways to inspire others and it will come full circle.
  • You will be ok, keep working at what you want.
  • Make life leaps…they can be scary…but they can be really, really fun and fulfilling too!
  • Keep your mind open to other people’s ideas. Ask advice.
  • Be willing to look inside and figure who you are and who you want to keep growing into.

Great wisdom, a video on dwarfism and the life of a little person: