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I was thrilled to explore the urban farm and gardens at the Homeless Garden Project.  The farm is crafted by workers, staff and volunteers as part of the Women’s Organic Flower Enterprise.  The garden is located near the beautiful Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz.

The garden project provides job training, workshops and meaningful work in organic gardening for helping people find ways to build a better life.  The garden opens its gates to the public and offers fresh organic produce you can harvest yourself.

They offer a menu of crops available each day including flowers, herb wreaths, onions, kale, salad mix, herbs and vegetables.  The public can stop by, harvest organic produce and pay per item.

Also visit the store at 30 West Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz.  Call 831.426.3609 for day and time the store is open to buy fresh organic produce.

The Women’s Organic Flower Enterprise (WOFE) was established to provide additional work opportunities for homeless women through creating organic gardens.