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A Couple of My Favorite Quotes

– Keep well, live to the fullest, don’t take a moment for granted.

– It’s always the right time to say a kind word to a stranger, or give encouragement to a friend, kindness can make all the difference in the world.  And kindness is free, but it’s priceless.

– Anyone can make the simple complicated.  Creativity is making the complicated simple.

– It doesn’t really matter what religion anybody believes. If their life is working (and there are many different approaches to life that are working very well) then why not let them believe whatever they want to believe?

– Stressed?  Stop and think, what is the opposite of what I am thinking.

– Everything we run away from has power over us; everything we go through, we conquer.

– Life is too short.  Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.  Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let go of what you can’t change.

– Your mind multiplies whatever you feed it with.  When you feed it with resentment and anger it returns grief and distress, when you feed it with letting go an acceptance it returns joy and love.

– The way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, the Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel.

– Adore simple things, simple ideas, simple designs…create them in an environment that is happy.  Rediscover what you have…re-create it, move it to new spot, a new room a new vignette…remix it again.  If you so dare…add a dash of paint, or a layer of funk in some way…layer, layer, layer.

– If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.

– Keep your inner kid happy, always embrace color and fun!


Relaxing Weekend

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.  2 Buck Tuesdays at 7:00pm on the third Tuesday of every month includes performances, art demos, live painting, and collaborating – and it’s free!  Daniel and I will be there, I always meet creative artists showing their work.

This place is awesome! They’ve gathered what must be 70 or so of the best loacal artists and put them in one HUGE gallery. The people are super nice and the art is always AMAZING!  It’s all across the board in terms of style and mediums.

88 South 4th Street, San Jose, CA 95113 (408) 271-5151

Lacey Bryant


Quick Healthy Pizza

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For a fun pizza recipe that is fast and yummy use tortillas.  I prefer whole wheat tortillas for a thin crust pizza.  Preheat oven 425 degrees.  Each tortilla pizza serves one person.

Start by spreading each tortilla with a two teaspoons pesto or tomato sauce.  Look in your refrigerator and find your favorite veggies.  I love to use sliced red bell peppers, sliced mushrooms, chopped 
red onion, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach and basil.  Just use a light amount of topping for each tortilla.  The tortilla is thin and can be easily weighted down.

In a large bowl, toss veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper.  Place veggies evenly on tortilla and top with cheese.  A plus is a sprinkle of flax seeds on top.  Also you may add a few capers.

For a crunchy crust, carefully place your pizza tortilla directly on oven rack (lay foil in the bottom of the oven, for spills).  Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes until cheese melts and veggies are slightly golden brown.

Remove from oven to a cutting board and slice pizza with a cutting wheel or sharp knife.

Try my favorite, quick, delicious, healthy snacks:

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Annie MacHale, weaving:

Sandra Enterline, jewelry:

Linda Fahey, ceramics:

Kirsten Schipper, hats:

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