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Unassuming and modest from the gate, my small native plant garden creates an impressive impact. One of the best ways I relax is to have a quiet, peaceful place to go. My backyard garden is an excellent way to have my own little oasis of calm. Everyday the garden changes, I never know what I will discover in among the plants and trees.  The possibilities are endless.

The creation of my garden is a tension reliever as the plants have evolved through the years.  I have enjoyed adding the varied colors of flowers and succulent plants that create an interesting layout.  The trees offer shade and beauty when the afternoon sun is full.

I use the garden to relax and create a world of simple peace.  I welcome coming home and stepping into my sanctuary of nature.

Sitting quietly soaking up the sun, listening to the birds singing, and admiring the simple calm beauty.  The wild small creatures come and go.  I watch them as they study me and I welcome their daily visits.