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Theo Chocolate the only Organic, Fair Trade, Fair for Life certified Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in North America, located in Seattle WA.

I buy epic amounts of Theo Chocolate when I visit Seattle. I crave and love the vast selection of chocolate flavors they sell at their factory.

Theo sells chocolate in more than 4,000 retailers, including Whole Foods.  Each and every one of Theo Chocolate cocoa beans is organic, shade grown, Fair Trade and Fair For Life purchased.

Theo Chocolate is part of a great project.  Cacao beans are produced by participants in the Green House project in Beni. This is a success story in the making; it is model for development. The farmers Theo Chocolate buy from—as well as their own employees—are paid a fair and living wage.

On the conventional market, cacao farmers earn less than a dollar a day and have little to no access to education or credit. By paying living wages for Fair Trade cacao, they give farmers the tools to invest in their future, farm more sustainably, and send their children to school. In addition, the educational component of what they do empowers farmers to understand what a fair price is for their cacao.

Buy Theo Chocolate at your local Whole Foods market it is wonderful.