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I am so thrilled and blessed this little fella lives in my garden!





Several years ago around the holidays I was waiting for a delayed flight at the San Francisco airport. The airport was in complete chaos.

I was checking on my flight in the main terminal. The lines were long and people were pushing luggage carts creating an obstacle course.  As I strategically weaved through the traffic of people I found myself in a bottleneck stand still.

I looked up and there was Helen Gurley Brown and her husband David.  I recognized her immediately and smiled.  She was slender and elegant.  He was a gentleman in a dark suit and being very attentive to her.

We were standing next to each other waiting for the crowd to move.  I said, “Ms. Brown, I love your suit.”  It looked like Chanel with a Chanel bag on her shoulder.  She smiled and asked my name.  I remember she had a soft distinct voice.  Ms. Brown then introduced me to her husband David.

We both smiled at the confusion and frustration of the crowded airport.  I was holding a couple magazines and one was Cosmopolitan.  I said it was an honor to meet her, as the crowd started moving.

We said goodbye and walked our separate ways.  I was pleased to erase my airport frustrations and instead I was left with a serendipity memory.

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Recipes for a quick high energy snack or meal:

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There are so many unique design ideas people are sharing.  My designs are one of a kind.  I make pillow covers, art and wall hangings out of used fabric, sweaters and ribbon.  It is a great way to save money, recycle and have hours of creative fun.

I live and breathe design.  Here are a few ideas that make my imagination twirl and spin:  pamprentice2020

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Thank you Lee, Shari and Spencer for another fabulous pool party!

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I love to eat healthy delicious food:

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