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You can grow fresh herbs in pots or in your garden.  They smell and taste amazing.  Before the herbs turn brown, freeze them in ice-cube trays with water to use them later.

Create healthy quick meals.  Enjoy fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables from the farmers market or local farms.  Eat more raw and broiled veggies with olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper.  These are a few foods that are easy, fast to prepare, and delicious, why not?

Do you have a product you love?  You must try Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Detergent.  Sounds silly but I really look forward to doing laundry.  The fresh scent is amazing!


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I believe in being outside as much as possible and eating healthy:

Six Air Purifying House Plants

1. Bamboo Palm: According to NASA, it removes formaldahyde and is also said to act as a natural humidifier.

2. Snake Plant: Found by NASA to absorb nitrogen oxides and formaldahyde.

3. Areca Palm: One of the best air purifying plants for general air cleanliness.

4. Spider Plant: Great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldahyde from the air.

5. Peace Lily: Peace lilies could be called the “clean-all.” They’re often placed in bathrooms or laundry rooms because they’re known for removing mold spores. Also know to remove formaldahyde and trichloroethylene.

6. Gerbera Daisy: Not only do these gorgeous flowers remove benzene from the air, they’re known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen over night.

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