I’m ready for the New Year!  Last year most days were amazing but some days I would not want to repeat.  Yes, 2012 a fresh start and also finding ways to improve on what is already going quite well.  I seek strength to ignore my fears and rid myself of unnecessary doubts.  I want to pursue new opportunities to meet people who are open, trusting, kind and wise.  I am searching for people who are balanced and have learned to love themselves with joy and humor.  And, I want to laugh more!

I will continue to welcome quiet days when I can take time to remember the many great life lessons and plan for powerful challenges.  But if the weather is good which is almost everyday in California I hope to launch myself into all kinds of creative projects.  And it would be great if those projects actually helped others.

Last year I was often so relaxed I did not listen to my own instincts.  Which was a big mistake.  Instincts truly help people avoid negative experiences.  Friends have told me I have good instincts.  My goal is listen to myself and learn from other positive people.

I am amazed by nature and it’s simple beauty.  I will continue to laugh at adorable animals and seek out new fun outdoor opportunities.  I will push myself to exercise and breathe deep to appreciate my health.  I understand I cannot change the people I love.  I will somehow try to set a good example without annoying them with my healthy regime.

All doctors say sleeping is a good thing.  My plan is to sleep deeply and wake with more energy! Each day I want to be even more curious.  I want to ask more questions, find love in simple ways and enjoy each moment.  Because, I believe life is mighty grand!