In college I followed the life of Gloria Steinem.   A devoted activist and writer, Gloria Steinem is undeniably one of the most important voices of the modern feminist movement.  She is an outspoken champion of women’s rights.  She is unpredictable and continues committed to charting her own path in life.

Several years ago, I attended a book signing for Gloria Steinem.  Earlier in the day the lines were long.  Later, when I walked into the bookstore before closing, I scanned the store and spotted Ms. Steinem looking regal and poised sitting next to a stack of her books.

I hesitated, thinking I was too late, she looked up and we exchanged smiles.  As I approached the counter I felt her confidence, poise and grace when she said a simple ”Hello.”  I was charmed by her natural beauty and genuine warmth as she shook my hand.  All I could think of was how relaxed she was and how I felt very comfortable talking with her.  We had a conversation that truthfully moved me.  As I left she thanked me for coming.  I was so impressed by her unpretentious way and her extreme, confident demeanor.

Later on, I reflected how I identified with one of my favorite quotes in her book, “Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.”