Each day I am searching for new ways to explore life anonymously.  I often attract too much attention.  I would rather blend in or better yet be invisible.  For many years I avoided going to Las Vegas because I do not gamble, smoke or drink much.  To my surprise when I walked into the Wynn Hotel for the first time my mind was swept away by unstaged drama and exciting dynamic visuals.  I saw all kinds of images twirling, floating and flowing.  I was racing towards a mission to capture as many sights as possible.

My wish came true, it was like I was invisible.  No one and nothing inhibited me from wondering the dreamlike halls.  I followed my exploring instincts.  Unfortunately I had less than an hour to see as much as possible.  I danced down the flower-lined stairs to the mammoth pool area.   I was noticing the coyness of the attractive singles in intimate conversations.  I entered the world of beautiful bikinis and ladies with perfect thighs.  It looked somewhat like Beverly Hills.  I gazed at plush pillows, bright fabrics, plasma screen TVs and a pool branching out like a long blue sparkling maze.  I thought this was another world and I became even more curious.

The excitement pulled me into a fast pace walk.  I raced back inside the hotel with vivid colored, plush carpeted halls lined with staff in stately dark suits.  I quizzed them for directions to any sights in the hotel that would continue to take my breath away.  They answered me with excitement, telling me of destinations with futuristic water displays.

In a panic I realized my time was up; I had to end my mission.  I slowly, sadly, sulked and glanced about as I found the front door to leave.  My mind still spinning, I wondered when I would be returning to Las Vegas.