I adore meeting people of any age.  One of my favorites is Allison.  I first met Allison when she was four.  Her warm brown eyes pulled me in as she giggled and freely danced about.  I began calling her my little flamingo, when I saw her wearing pink tights and a pink jumper, her favorite color.

I was amazed by her conversation skills and her expansive vocabulary.  One afternoon she wrote a song when she was only five.  I printed it on a paper with the date and title, her Mother beamed as she read the whimsical lyrics.

Allison loves to go to the nearby park and she engages in conversations with everyone she encounters.  She always encourages other children to join her as she swings and climbs about.  One afternoon Allison was concerned a boy playing did not have an adult with him.  We watched until we saw the young boy’s father walk to his son.  Then Allison was satisfied and continued to explore the playground.  Her sweet caring personality is apparent as she frequently waves to me or shares her thoughts about others.

Sometimes we sit quietly and talk as we watch the clouds or look for bugs.  Allison is very open to trying new experiences and she has her own opinions on everything.  We have spent many joyous hours painting and drawing together.  She is very creative and often chooses watercolor because it is so free and unpredictable.  Drawing hearts is one of her favorite designs.  We have used many types of media to create hearts of varied sizes.  She has mastered clay, paint and torn paper to build her original designs into colorful masterpieces.  She is fast, alert and seemly tireless, always ready to start a new project.

Some of my favorite times with her are when I’m telling her stories.  It excites me to watch her wide-eyed expressions and her focus on each word.  She has a great imagination, which allows me to dream up magical tales.  I’m in awe as she blossoms and changes each year, I know whatever she chooses to do; she will be a great success.