Early in the week I was invited to a dinner party at my friend’s home who is the city’s event planner extraordinaire.

I carefully planned what to wear for the evening.  It was almost like searching my closet for the perfect costume.  Deciding on something I have not worn before, something feminine yet comfy.  I rushed to get ready, my bed was covered with clothes when I finished dressing.  I quickly applied makeup, picked the right jewelry and shoes.  I drove across town singing to my favorite CD, becoming even more excited.

As I walked to the door and into a large room filled with svelte men and fascinating women mingling and holding colorful martini glasses the flirting began.  I am fascinated by creative minds, artists, actors and writers who often perform in local movies and plays.  These artists especially at parties open their souls while living in the moment.  I received lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek as I noticed each person checking out the guests as one might do while shopping for flowers at the market.

The flamboyant people, dressed sexy, have extreme conversations and share the fun of escaping into another world.  While greeting new guests who arrived I heard the sound of water in a hand blown glass fountain flowing softly in the foyer.  The high energy guests continuously made me laugh throughout the evening.  Some were dancing and others were in deep conversations.  The host had a cutting wit, always embarrassing his guests challenging them to come back for more.  I loved his humor.

I darted from room to room listening to new mini dramas.  My friends were generous with invitations to their lake homes and the next dinner party.  On the back patio the guests smoked as I breathed in the cool night air and gazed at the garden.  Each friend was outrageously witty, and shared comments about their day job.  I jumped from group to group grabbing the details of upcoming trips.

We all anticipated the amazing mix of smells floating from the kitchen as we devoured juicy conversations.  As I took a sneak preview at the buffet, I studied the live tropical flowers in the center.  The table display was multilevel with a sunset glow of tangerine colored glass and cobalt blue dishes.  Dinner was announced as we weaved our way around the black table.  Each bite was juicy, bursting with mystery flavors.  One of my friends who I have known for years sat next to me.  He shared the stories of a flamboyant choreographed wedding and the costume he worn.  I told him how I wanted to be there but I was on vacation.  We all ate and drank as the hours flew.

Soon couples were hugging goodbye.  I kissed my friends as I made my final glance around the eclectic designs in the house.  I felt a warm rush of happiness come over me as I walked out the front door.  I thought to myself, this was a magical evening.